Hey again, I am finally back to working full time after being off for over two months from the heart attack. I still get tired easily but things are going well.  In other news I still have not told anyone beside my wife that I am gay.  I know that nothing will change unless I do something to make them change. I do not know if I am just scared or if this is just how it is going to  be. I want so much to break out and do something wild but there never seems to be any chances. I think that I have said before that where I live is a small rural town (2000 population). I  don't want this to sound like I am complaing or anything but there is no one I can talk to around here about what I am going through.  My wife has been wonderful about it, although she thinks that I am at the most bi, because I could not be gay if  I am married to a woman. I have been as up front with her as I can be and explained  in as best as language as I can that I am gay. I have no one else around that would understand what I am going through.   Sorry if this has come off as my feeling sorry for my self, I guess I am a little bit, but it does feel like things are closing in on me. I know things will work out but for now it is how I feel. LOVE AND HUGS
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